Exhausted but happy

The post title sums up my current state. I have been reunited with my environment: my slaves, my dear friends and my city crowded with joy, color and festivity everywhere.

A scorching heat, the kind of dunking in any font or the first water tap I find, continually pull at a bottle of ice water that my bitch has always at hand, dancing on any street dying of laughter raised on wings by my clown (immediately ashamed for daring to do and radiant after my conspiratorial wink), to fall apart at any terrace chair so my feet take a breath, trying to reply all Whatsapps I get but forgetting most, to meet people I follow and follow me on the internet, to give my dearest LadyHardChastity a shake in the front door to the surprise of neighbors and passers and our joy to meet again, to admire beautiful drags, What else I can say?

I think I need another vacation, lol.

The contest “The most sissy one” is perking up (remember that ends on 31). You are getting hard for me to select the winner, but I love it so. You are great, my vicious puppies 馃槈


  1. Dear Mistress Dama,
    I admire you.
    You live in a beautiful country, you enjoy life, and yet you find time for your blog.
    I find it beautiful as you about your thoughts, your feelings and your life writing.

    I have the feeling as if every time I’m near to you!

    I thank you, I can share a little of your life despite the distance.

    kisses, your Minki

    • Thanks a lot, my dear Minki. xoxo


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