CruelDama clarifying

I have great patience (sometimes I surprise myself how much), but not every day enough to answer all messages that you leave me by social networks or in my email, if I see that all you seek is entertain for a while, I’m not willing to please you.

I don’t use to be unfriendly, but some should think before opening the muzzle, that I have more to do than spend all day glued to the screen. The one that really want to contact me knows how, right? Respect if you want to be respected.

Here I tell you every day a little bit of me, I write about my lifestyle, about my slaves, I express my opinions and share many stories everyday. If you wish to comment on something, this is the best place to do it.

Look at the tags of each of my posts, I always choose Financial Mistress, Financial Domination, moneyslaves, FemDom and similar so there is no room for equivocation, plus I mention constantly in different places.

And I leave it there, we already know that a few words are enough to understand 馃槈

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