Give me your effort

The uninitiated imagine slavery as a constant state of nirvana or something similar and, although there are sublime moments serving the Mistress, there are many others in which unwanted repetitive tasks, demands and unforeseen orders, having to give an account for your steps and sacrifice your desires in favor of the Lady (or you are denied) does not match what you imagine now as an ideal life.

And it is precisely all those little big things that Mistress will assess to qualify your service, ie your daily effort, not just how skillful you can be or your ability to hold on what you like.

I have a reputation for being very demanding (some add that absorbent), but pressing is how I check delivery reality and mine learn to be stronger and overcome themselves.

I know you love to see pictures and videos of FemDom and BDSM practices on the Internet and from there you make your own movie, but, although there may be all those things you visualize, for you will not be a constant pleasure, and you have to prove your surrender by overcoming and sacrifice, plus it is not you who decides what, how, when or where it will (if Owner decides you will).

For all these things I often repeat that speak a lot when you know a Dominatrix, open your mind sincerely to her and listen to what she has to say. Bidirectional communication is important from the beginning, so you will know what to expect and from there begin a journey together if both decide.

In addition, slavery may not be your thing but submission can be enough for you and the Mistress will take you. The possibilities are endless in this world 馃檪

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