Condense in a few paragraphs what I wish to convey in every article I write is not as easy as it seems. By posting every day, there are many recurring themes, but I like to give different approaches (always under my perspective) and there are others that are controversial because there are still many taboos in many things and some are offended with only mention.

But this is my space and here I speak of what I want. Some of you will love and others horrify, it never rains to everyone’s taste.

Being judged is inevitable, but the really important to me are my own assessments, recognizing my mistakes trying not to fall into self justification, since I think it’s important to recognize our limitations and failures, the first step in personal evolution.

And not just try to learn from mistakes and difficulties (which they have also been more than enough in my life), each and every slave and submissive that has been in my hands has given me an invaluable wealth of experience.

I’m not perfect at all, nor do I pretend, although I am very positive. I am aware that not the whole world like me (nor want) but, although the future is uncertain, I know I have a long journey to enjoy, meet interesting people, lots of places to visit and countless experiences to live. And I know I’ll be in good company, I usually choose well my environment because I can see beyond nice words or a spectacular physique 馃槈

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