Fake submissives

All Mistresses receive repeated offers of submission. The proportion Mistresses/submissives is very uneven and that means that in the rush to begin, a submissive offers himself to all in case falls” some. And, therefore, we can afford to be very selective in choosing partener.

And that’s when we hear/read the judgments about true submissives and  fake submissives.

The phrase “that one is not submissive, just a wankeris very comfortable and recurrent when perhaps the submissive is not right for that Dominatrix in question and he can be a wonderful servant to another. Accept that not all are complementary to each and vice versa.

And I do not say that there is not much falsity, there is also (in all roles), but it would be desirable to practice tolerance, as I believe that everyone has the right to live FemDom as we want and that involves only the small effort to rule out those who do not want to live the same way as us.

I invest my time and dedication when beginning a new relationship and, of course, I demand a positive development in building the relationship. But if, after a period of trial, such submissive bores me or does not motivate me, my interest waver and go out to look for a new toy to have fun.

Nor is the rule out to someone I‘ve invested my effort for anything, but if certain attitudes persist, if the training does not advance or rewind every now, if I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again, if I perceive any hint of insincerity, if I feel him distant even a few inches from me, I’ll finish by satiating my instincts elsewhere.

But all these conditionals do not mean that this puppy is not submissive, perhaps the case is that this is not the proper submissive to me.


  1. Interesting thoughts as ever. To me the submission has to happen to in the relationship to the Mistress, you offer Her your submission She being satisfied Her needs are being met rather than saying in effect you’re happy to submit to any depending on who accepts the offer first. That’s putting the subs ego first!
    As you say because one submissive doesn’t satisfy You doesn’t mean they’re can’t satisfy another as their submissive ‘puppy’
    regards belinda.

    • Yes, belinda, not all are suitable for me, but that does not mean they are not for another Mistress.


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