It seems you really enjoyed the article yesterday, but there were some who did not understand it at all. I was talking about that I respect everyone and avoid making judgments about what others do, but no mistake, I have not said at any time that I think everyone is good, lol.

In these years I have met people of all kinds, surreal situations and real atrocities. I don’t get upset easily and I head off the nonsense with a diplomatic phrase without blinking or losing the smile, but I have a sharp tongue and those who know me know that I can easily unnerve the best of them with few words.

And I am in favor of tolerance. The phrase live and let live” is a great slogan, but as human beings we tend to judge what we do not understand or what is out of our little world assumed. That spoke in the post “False submissive.”

While we do not respect others will continue the “war” between those who live FemDom and BDSM as a lifestyle and those who do it as a casual game without any major implications. And I refuse to get into that battle, because for me anything goes if you can enjoy whatever you do (or not do). That someone thinks or feels differently than me does not mean he will infect me with a repulsive virus, but his perceptions and choices are different than mine.

Anyone live constantly masturbating with photos, videos or risque conversations? Fantastic! I enjoy tremendously genital torture,tease and denial, Financial Domination and many other things that are unthinkable for others.

Some do not ever take their fantasies to reality staying behind the screen? Great! I enslave psychologically and physically my properties. We each pick our options and preferences.

Now, who enters my service will not have more options than those I decide. But that’s another story :D

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