Someone special

I have spoken to several of my pooches, but today I dedicate the article to my cat.

I’ve known him for years and finally got up the courage to open his mind and told me, through WhatsApp, a few things we both knew but we never verbalized.

In these years we have shared many dinners, countless conversations, delicate confidences (he is one of the people who best know me even though they pass months until we return to contact), laughter and occasional scolding.

In those early days he was all sweetness, very submissive and quite confusing when discovering BDSM and I was How was I? I think I was exactly as I am now, though perhaps a bit mischievous and outspoken, but always a leader.

Not that he has changed, his personality is the same, but both have evolved since then and our lives have gone separate ways. However, we always end up coming together and telling our thousand and one stories that occurred since the last time we were together.

All I own are special to me and he is my kitten. Our lives are very different, we are many miles away and do not know when we will meet again, but something has changed since that WhatsApps exchange. And we know he is mine, we knew it without telling us. I am not in a hurry, he will come to me, he always comes back to me 馃檪

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