Romantically Cruel

Some was quite surprised for yesterday’s entry and, honestly, I do not know what you’re wonder. You have called me romantic with astonishment and now I‘m going to surprise you more: yes, I am very romantic, there’s nothing like torture with lots of love :D

Cruel means to delight in the suffering of others, but that does not exclude the affection and, of course, common sense. I am a balanced sadistic, I martyrize those who wake my instincts, but do not cut off their heads or extract their viscera, which then is everything with the oxide smell of blood and my bitch ​​can not cope with lye, lol.

Well, jokes aside, I’ve noticed a few others have been jealous and I can’t understand that either. I’ve never hidden I own several slaves and if someone wants to get to have a relationship with me, he will have to work hard, that these things do not appear magically, are the result of many things shared.

And do not be fooled, I can be cuddly and affective, but not cloying, that I’m not cooing. Everything in its proper place, that I do not like to be touched without my permission and I am quite aloof and haughty. Diminutives and stupid appellatives can put me in a foul mood and change my smile a grimace of disgust.

All in all, I’m not easy, that for granted, I never said I am 🙂

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