I’ll tell you something that maybe for some result a novelty: Mistresses also have different moods 馃槈 Oh, yes, we are human Goddesses!

Lying if I claimed that I do not let anything affects me, as there are many things which arouse my emotions, both positive and negative. Sometimes external events play an important role in our reactions, but in us is to discern the importance that we give to each thing.

To me, for example, gifts thrill me (I have a wonderful amazon wish-list that gives me much joy, if someone wants to move meI’ll be happy to give you the link :D), I grieve the bad news from family and friends , I am moved by the sincere efforts of mine I’m not one stone!

It happens that I have a substantial self control, but that does not mean to stay hieratic under any circumstances, on the contrary, I laugh a lot, even from myself, and I enjoy my life and everything positive in it.

Being dominant does not relieve me of the mood swings, but in a way I am responsible for the way in which I exteriorized, since that end up affecting those around me.

Faking is exhausting and I do not like the undaunted Mistress poses to which nothing affects, but there are times when it’s not a pose, that‘s exactly how I feel, in others it is grotesque endeavor to maintain it. Can anyone imagine a Mistress having an orgasm with a face of disgust and unwillingness? lol.

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