Living Madrid

I ever tell you that I love my city and all it offers. On Tuesday I went for a walk in Chueca, one of my favorite neighborhoods of Madrid. I slipping into a cool and dress, accompanied by magic, we toured the neighborhood stopping at one of the terraces of the square (I always take something there, is a tradition for me), in the Abaco hotel terrace, which affords fantastic views of the area, located on top of the building, doing some shopping and in a new restaurant in the narrow streets where we had dinner (everything was delicious).

I leave to your imagination what followed, these things and are more private, but took some pictures and I‘ll upload them as soon as possible to the Cruel Lady tab.

One notes the inflow of tourists in summer, although Chueca is cosmopolitan year round, but the good weather lends itself to enjoy the many terraces and varied environment with which this neighborhood has always.

Those who know this area you know how wonderful it is and I recommend it especially. In Chueca you can cross with a group of naughty and noisy drag queens, celebrities walking their pets, gays and lesbians living openly their lives (although this is not exclusive to this area, thankfully), all kinds of great stores, bars, pubs, restaurants, private clubs tourists, curious, people all life, parties and events of all kinds and even CruelDama walking with some of her properties 馃槈

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