Towards the coast again

I will make a weekend getaway, my last days at the beach I found little, so I will return to keep my tan, swim in the sea and enjoy the coast.

It may sound contradictory regarding yesterday’s post, where I said that I love my city, but do not really think it is, in fact I stand by my statement, as much as we like shoes specifically, we alternate with other shoes, right? Everything in its time and I am convinced that one of the secrets of happiness is knowing how to enjoy the variety and diversity.

I’ve uploaded some photos of the other day in Chueca, as the one you see here. Some are fun and others… Well, judge for yourselves.

On the other hand I am surprised that in a social network my photos are reported when I upload the
more demure there. There is one where I am looking at the cross that is considered pornographic (as they say in my neighborhood, touch your eggs!), But hey, I’ve removed it from my profile there and I will not give it more importance, I mention it as a curiosity.

I’m going with magic once again, which seems to be becoming my consented, but I do not forget others. This time there will be news about his service and I will put some obstacles because I want that overcomes certain tests. We’ll see the result 馃檪

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