Prorogation of sea

These days I will not attend to the blog as much as usual, but will not fail to tell you something every day, because I’m very busy” having a good time 馃檪

I’ve decided to lengthen the weekend and stay a few days longer. Since we’re here, and we both can afford without having to run back to Madrid, will take advantage to get lost in the area without stress a little more.

I’m in a wonderful place, typing on the terrace of the apartment, from which enjoy spectacular views and the sea breeze caresses my skin. I can watch the kids splashing in the pool if I look down and to my right, the Mediterranean a few fifty yards from me.

I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy my life, the places I visit and my slaves. There are always some problems to solve, but in general I can say that I am a happy woman.

Soon it will be the International Day of BDSM and I have no concrete plans yet for that date. Will seek events that are out here in the web Flechazos BDSM I recommend to all, as we always have reliable and updated information of all that is organized in Spain, with links to each party. My compliments to the webmaster for his work on it.

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