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When he is with me, as these days, magic_de_Cruel see me updating the blog and interact through social networks and is astonished at the number of messages and emails that I receive. I decided to write today’s post with his comments, so I’ll copy his writing.

I hallucinate about the number of proposals that CruelDama receives daily. I observe what bummer we (submissives) can become, even on vacation without considering how timeliness is our intention. It is normal that a submissive seek at any time of year but, if we want to succeed, we must do so in the appropiate space/time and that the Lady you want to seduce determines.

The appropriate time is when the Mistress is responsive. I assure you the approach to my Owner capsize if you try when she is centered on enjoying her holiday retreat. Let us use this time to discover what we can offer her in singular form when she resume to her normal life.

The space we generally use is virtual navigation. From the first contact we must specify our expectations: an assisted wank, a virtual relationship, a FemDom session with imagined practices, a relationship where the sub has the power or a real relationship where she dominates.

CruelDama conceives FemDom as a real lifestyle (although she also maintains relationships of consensual blackmail and Financial Domination virtually), where her selfish happiness will chair a long-term relationship. The sub becomes slave, waive his rights and submit his desires to the will of the desired Goddess.

The way we can introduce ourselves (submissives) uses to be as routine as tasteless. Each Dominatrix needs a different and unique approach in according to what her Nick, photos or blog suggests.

CruelDama has a blog, as you know well, but often most forget her fetishes. Anyone seeking to a relationship with her will have to asume she is a Financial Mistress and you would be amazed at how much gadflies are rejected by a routine presentation or fleeing at the first financial requirement.

Use the time to learn and know what you want is better than to fail before you start or walk different paths. A smart presentation and sincere motivation open doors that may seem unaffordable.

I have not changed even a comma. Here you have, the musings of a slave of CruelDama 馃檪

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