Completion of a contract

In less than a week the Servitude Contract with larva_de_Cruel runs out, so he will regain his life, his freedom and his old Nick. Our agreement has been in consensual blackmail in system of micromanagement, ie he has been controlled to the millimeter remotely by a lot of today’s technology tools that allows to perform from anywhere on the planet (and I assure you there are a great deal).

There have been meetings even in person and we had a session, but our relationship has been not affective, but rather has been a Mistress/slave relationship where he has been depersonalized and treated as what he has been, a grub at the service of his Owner, having to give account for every one of his steps (planned and unplanned) for nine months, which is the time agreed in our contract.

The blackmail is one of the most controversial issues in FemDom, who want to find out about it, in this blog is a publication in Consensual blackmail (in the blog in Spanish there is another entrance, but this is later and not listed here).

My Contract with larva_de_Cruel is extremely extensive, specifying each clause which does not result to misinterpretation, in fact the title says a lot of content: Absolute Assignment, Initiative and Comprehensive Management and Control Contract (Agreement where one of the parties consents to be controlled, ordered, governed, led, managed, supervised, monitored and disciplined in all facets of his life for the other party).

Obviously, not all contracts are thus, the terms are agreed prior to the signing, but this has been particularly detailed, although I have done others much less comprehensive, not panic, lol.

As I say, we have just a few days of validity and, after finishing off some points I shall repay freedom on the agreed date. Punctually he fulfilled his obligations, but has also tried passing the buck always he could, but my conclusion is positive with shades.

Consensual blackmail has not very good press in the BDSM community but honestly, it is incredibly fun to me and those who undergo this practice really enjoy it. I really do not see where is the scandal being as fully consensual, but hey, everyone has their opinions.

In short, there will be a vacancy soon. Will you be my next worm? : D

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