Dressage, a gradual process

In FemDom there are many ways to reinforce or encourage slave submissive behavior. This blog encourages the submissives, but also the Femdoms.

Some are heated in solitude, others place on record their existence dreaming of scorching encounters and seemingly unattainable.

Most of those who dare to come forward think in what they want, without worrying about to whom are talking with. Occasionally, someone who has bothered to read me and know me before asking my attention or pleading to play with me with the willingness to surrender, get awaken my instincts.

I submit to the test by and this does motivate submissive to demonstrate his authenticity, sincerity and willingness. When I decide to take him, I listen to know him, so I have in mind differently than others according to his expectations and, of course, my intentions and desires. I intend to transform his dreamed dependence into a real and exclusive slavery.

Dressage involves combining instructions with reinforcements, behavior routines with rewards for good performance (and punishments or corrections depending on my assessment of his mistakes), humiliation with worship, fanning the flames of passion with provocations and tests, give with receive, serve with satisfy and so on.

You know that I have a stable, which for me is how to bridge my satisfaction and, at the same time, your needs. All who are at my feet are special and different and I establish an individual relationship with each one, as each slave is different from the others and training process has its own characteristics.

I am of the opinion that a dressage never ends, although sometimes I allow myself to relax the intensity of my demands, sometimes I want to be served impeccably and without errors.

I do not think everything should be squared or we would lost spontaneity, naturalness and to enjoy all that, ultimately, is the purpose of dressage.

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  1. I have dreamed up a humiliation which I have never seen anywhere else. It’s called ‘pussy lipstick’. The name is probably self-explanatory, but I would be happy to describe it in detail.


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