Short back home

Now that all of Madrid are going on vacation, I’m back.

I had a luxury days in the company of my slave, I rested staying asleep every night with his massages, I have a little more tan on the beach, delicious dishes I’ve eaten, I’ve met new people, I walked everywhere

The final count is positive, although there were some conflicting moment, that everything is not always so idyllic and perfect. But those details are in our private and will stay there 馃槈

In short, I’ll be in Madrid for two or three weeks and then I’ll go to the north, it’s a long time ago I don’t go in that area and I want to go back.

I have not had much time to take care of the competition The most sissy one“, so I decided to extend it a month late and in August will be a beautiful gallery of sissies rounding the winner. You can keep sending me your creations and… that wins the best!

I will be uploading emails and networks, which seem to have been out a year and not just a week, but little by little, that I’m home and I’ll solve all those little things which accumulate. And I will live Madrid, of course, there’s so much to do in this wonderful city

Oh! I’ll go shopping these days, because I’m encouraging to dress every color now that I’m brunette, so you know, shoppingslaves, maybe someone has the opportunity to be useful and serve CruelDama :D

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