There are things that drive me crazy, like having to repeat things, for example, or being asked ten times the same thing when I answered the first and even the second time.

I also do not like that, once given very concrete and specified standards, coming to ask if they have understood, finally they forget” orders or take the liberty to interpret and do what they want.

It is true that sometimes I give very generalized instructions trusting in the ability of understanding of  the slave or even his knowledge about me and how I like things. I use to give clear commands to avoid misunderstandings, but it is not always possible to do it that way, since I like to leave a margin for creativity and imagination of the servant (this also brings pleasant surprises from time to time).

However, if I see a lack of continuing care, I start to feel upset and I can assure that such setbacks end in dire consequences.

I do not enjoy resorting to punishment because the punishment is the result of an action (or inaction) that the slave has done wrong or that has bothered me particularly. And there’s no mitigation when I decide to punish.

I prefer to be proud of my dogs, obviously, but to achieve this it is necessary to go the way of rewards, punishments and correctives, that is not always easy.

But everything goes smoothly when they pay attention, do not question my decisions and please me 馃檪

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