Life is a constant crossroads and decisions. Some come, some go On mine there have already been many changes, but others are coming that will be important for me.

It is essential to know how to adapt to new developments, because sometimes is not in our power to choose them, the random and many variables also have a role in the game of life.

This blog is about FemDom, but about the FemDom that CruelDama lives, ie about my life. And as the song says: “Life is full of surprises“. So there you have, I never tell you everything :D

I am fortunate and privileged, but my mind does not rest for long and ends looking for new perversions” with which to feed.

As for the blog, I’m really surprised that in nine months it made yesterday, exceed 100,000 hits, (I’m talking about my Spanish blog) so I have to thank you for accompany me in what for me is still a new virtual experience. I update every day, even just a short post if I’m very busy, but you are who encourage me to follow when I see the hit counter goes up.

I will continue to live and telling you some of my anecdotes, conveying my own convictions and inviting you to live what we have inside 馃槈

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