Knight in the shadows

I have a secret admirer. Well, okay, I have more than one, but this one gets spark my curiosity with so much mystery and discretion.

He is a very correct and extremely shy person. Never ask for anything, not even leave comments here, but occasionally makes a deposit into my Paypal account and send me a mail telling me it is to invite me to dinner, but he does not dare to accompany me.

I have no idea where he lives, how is him or what his personal situation, only I have his email, but I hope that someday gather the courage to take another step. But if not, I respect his privacy and his decision to stay out of all, it is his choice and right.

On 24 July, International BDSM Day, I did get a stunning sandals. I saw them when I returned from my short trip to the coast, three days later, but my slave kept them to me, perfect for receive me and surprise me.

I appreciate all these wonderful details because I love getting pampered and, let’s face it, what woman does not like these things? So today I dedicate my post and accompanying photo, wearing his gift, to my knight in the shadows 馃槈

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