Weekend in the city

August is different in Madrid.You can park anywhere! Typically is to rotate several complete turns around several blocks until you get, with luck, somewhere to leave your car. I know that not only the Madrilenians have that “privilege“, in all the big cities the same thing happens, but Madrid becomes especially difficult in that sense.

Except in August, there is no traffic jams and parking can be chosen.

You can seem an odd thing, but it is really outstanding and I love the change of pace of these dates. Tourism is appreciated most, but less massification in shopping and entertainment. Of course this depends on what area you go, in Sol – Plaza Mayor crowd no reduction ever.

But Madrid is Madrid and, although I do trips to other places, I really like.

Yesterday I was in Chueca again and how could it be otherwise, I stopped at one of the terraces of the square, I drank three soft drinks in a row (we were at 37° C, but the wind chill was much higher) and my companion drank two large pitchers of beer in two separate shots.

Today I will meet a friend, so we’ll have fun. We’ll have dinner at any place and drink on the terraces. She is particularly shameless and although we have a lot in common we are different, however just thinking about her makes me smile because we always end up in the middle of a surreal situation bursting of laughter :D

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  1. I would love to listen to you and your friend over dinner and then be spanked hard for eavesdropping.


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