Being a slave of CruelDama

I usually reject many proposals of submissives that want to serve me. Most are no more than a couple of email exchanges and many do not receive a reply from me.

If I start reading and I see that they put me conditions, stop reading. If they propose a session to test, in a click is eliminated. If I perceive that only seek entertainment, are automatically discarded. If they request a 24/7 relationship, I reply that I already have domestic service. And so on.

There are those who do not intend anything but congratulate me for the blog or just send me greetings and sympathy towards me, which I appreciate very much, but the volume of my mail is considerable and I can not answer them all.

Then there are the undecided, that when I stress I am Financial Mistress, flee in terror.

And finally, there are those that I could be interested in as slaves, but must pass a sieve and a series of tests. Acknowledge that I am demanding, but also very clear in my intentions and what I want of each.

I will not establish a relationship with someone who does not brings anything exactly or with whom there is no connection. If you walk into my life, it shall be to be my slave, with all that that implies. I will not be your girlfriend or your little wife, I’ll be your Mistress, your Owner, the one who makes the rules and who you will obey although guidelines are given laughing and joking.

I’m pretty accessible in the sense that with me you can talk about everything and will be many times when you can express yourself, but never lose sight of your place because that could jeopardize the way you’ve already advanced.

Do not come to me with the idea that I’m going to entertain you because you’ll be who entertain me, who serve for my laughter and my pleasure (whatever kind it be, the way I want and when I decide).

Come to me with a willingness to be what I want you to be, open up your mind and enjoy your time with me. I demand honesty, loyalty and fidelity. Is it too much for you? 馃檪


  1. Thank You for bestowing the honor on me of following my blog. Such an honor i do not deserve from a Divine Dominant Woman, nonetheless i am humbled. *heel kisses*


    • Of course you deserve, Devina, your blog is very interesting and unprejudiced, I really like and I congratulate you for it. My greetings, dear

  2. You are too kind Mistress 馃檪


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