Intense summer

I feel exultant. This weekend has been “bumpy”. I had so much fun, I have received very good news and also someone from my past has resurfaced in my life.

It’s a good way to start the month, although I know that there will be significant emotional stress, as I have to resolve outstanding issues that I can not keep putting off. But, as I always say, I deserve the best and I take it 馃槈

On the other hand, there are things I do not fully convincing. One of my pooches are missing in action”, supposedly waging a bitter battle”. I dropped the leash and let him run freely through the park, we’ll see if he comes to my whistle when the case. For now I am content to watch from the bench where I sat down to smoke a cigarette under the wisteria 馃檪

As I mentioned in a previous post, these days I will go out to buy some clothes, which is not easy, as also in that I am pretty picky. I do not need big firms and latest collection of boutiques, I’m not a fashion victim. I accept suggestions, but if something doesn’t catch my attention, even I’m not going to try. Will I find something that pleases me? We’ll see 馃槈

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