Being myself

Reactions to yesterday’s post (Matriarchy) were not a surprise. I deleted a few comments full of insults and rage because no disrespect admit here, if you would learn to argue without braying, I would have published and would answer, that I do have arguments, but in this way do not bother to read more beyond a couple of lines (and this hopefully).

There was also great and intelligent comments on social networks, and those are the ones that really fill me.

Moving on, you see that I have some pictures in the dungeon, but most I upload are of my daily life. You can see that none are professional type, since I am a woman very normal, although rather fetishistic, and as such I show myself.

There are wonderful pictures photography studio in the network that transmit much more than just scenes, but I prefer you see me as I am. And not only in the pictures. I think the most honest is be myself at all times, with unretouched photos and the word naked, letting you see what’s behind my Nick or heels and a corset.

For me, FemDom is my real life and to be Mistress of my slaves doesn’t suppose to live apart from the world, on the contrary, both mine as I live perfectly integrated in society. This does not mean I go to the hairdresser or shopping with several belts collars by pulling my properties and with a whip in the other hand. No need to flaunt anything or making scenes for everyone to see how Dominant I am.

FemDom is my way of life, naturally, without fuss or circus Boxscores where I step. They are not necessary 馃檪

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