I continue to read (weird?) miserable lack of respect for Ladies that, purely and simply, do what they want. And that is very sad.

In a subculture in which we are supposed to be open-minded, which boast about struggle to be accepted by society (I do not know why they need that acceptance, but ok), which lament of being marginalized (really? I do not feel that way by no means), where tolerance should be flag (and actually absent), where no one is in possession of absolute truth because everyone lives as prefer (and, on the contrary, brag to be them the only ones who know about BDSM, others have no idea) continue and will continue emitting regrettable judgments and accusations about what they do not understand.

I can I agree or not on what others do, I can share their opinions or think completely opposite way, I can enjoy the same practices and skip those that do not attract me at all. But what I will not do is to disparage someone (and much less publicly) that do things that I do not like or that my mind does not understand.

I do not lend myself to a gang bang, for example, the way I do is different, but if it is what a Dominatrix enjoys, I’ll not criticize her for it. That other one declares herself a sadomasochistic? (sadistic and masochistic at the same time). I do not see where is the problem. To these people I‘ve given examples, rubs them with contempt be swingers. To be liberal and live sex as they want is an unforgivable sin?

I am Dominant, sadistic, woman and Owner, that’s my nature, my character and my instincts. I enjoy friends and acquaintances of all roles and trends. Respect equally to everyone, be like me or different. Do not think I’m better than anyone, but I do not think anyone is better than me. Each one is as is, and does, feel and live what prefers.

Be so purists and so understood in the art of BDSM sometimes limits you in a tremendous way, great gurus, believe me. (And I omit the years that I‘ve been in this, in real, not virtual or theoretical only, that I don’t need to boast to be what I am) 馃槈

I finish my post wishing you a happy 8/8.

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