Soul in submission

Not always have the time we would like to dedicate to reading, but for me it is an essential activity.

Although sometimes spend several days without I find that book that catches me (and I read almost all kinds of genres), I always end up coming back to resume some of what’s at home or downloading any news.

And today I speak of David López Rodríguez, who presented on his book September 14 Alma en sumisión (Soul in submission) in Madrid, an erotic FemDom and BDSM-themed novel.

I can not make a judgment on the book, I confess that I have not read it, but the 14 of next month will be a great time to purchase a copy signed by the author in El dinosaurio todavía estaba allí (Dinosaur was still there).

Cheer up if you are around here on those dates, a meeting will be enjoyable and a great opportunity to meet you in person.

To Deivid I wish the success he is having with his book continues and ask him not only his autograph in my book, but I will like him to pose in a photo with me, because I love having visual memories and share them with you.

By the way, the photo illustrating the post is from one of my souls in submission 😉

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  1. I have been on the road working for a couple of days and did not have a chance to comment on your posting of a couple of days ago. So, I hope it is okay to post it today since I’d like other readers to share my viewpoint about you and I fear if I post a reply to a couple of days old item, it would not be seen.

    However, I will also take note in my reading time of the book that you pointed out today.

    You commented a couple of days ago about your daily life and you attached a picture of yourself sitting on a park bench. It is a wonderful picture and you are a pretty woman. Being a Dominant adds to your value, but you would be a quality person whether in the lifestyle or not.

    My point is that I concur with your statements and conclusions that a Dominant does not have to be conforming to a specific image or style all the time. The most critical right of a Dominant is to be who she wants to be; to be herself as she sees herself. After all, if a Dominant were to accept that she had to conform to a given role, then she would be subjecting herself to someone else’s way of being and that would be inherently contradictory to her being a Dominant.

    Being yourself is what brings out the innate value of your Dominance and I am thankful that you share yourself as you are with us through this post.

    Finally, the idea of you going to your hairdressers with a display of belts, collars, chains and slaves in tow is very funny to imagine. Can you imagine strolling into the hairdressers, seeing a sign on the window that says “No Pets Allowed” and not being able to figure out where to tie up your attending males.

    I think a Dominant that does not integrate herself into society is likely not a Dominant, but merely only a poser. That’s the sense that I get.

    Respect abounding,



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