I’m flattered by the messages that you send me every day, words of admiration, support, affection, understanding.

It is very rewarding to feel you, because we all like to be recognized for what we are, though we do not need such recognition to keep breathing.

Of course, as I said in other ocassions, I also get attacks, despicable insults and surreal threats, of course, but even the weasels are entitled to live, even wallowing in their own rage, right? 🙂

These days are still very relaxing. Madrid is fantastic, uncrowded, less traffic and lots of funny moments. Actually I do not need a large audience and spectacular scenery to end with laughter.

For example, the other day, walking with my slave, we crossed the street Alcalá clutching our respective skirts and singing The florist (On the street of Alcala, the florist comes and goes “) to the astonishment of passers; or in a performance of a Rastafarian in the street, dancing to drums and bongos like we were in the middle of the carnival in Brazil, by bringing together everyone who passed by and attracting lascivious looks even from the police, lol.

I guarantee you I am a very serious woman, but there are times when even cry with laughter and I love sharing with mine. I’m leaving in a few days and pinch these special moments with my bitch​​, walking, playing, laughing and coming home exhausted after live as we like, intensely.

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