Weekend in the countryside

It’s holiday time and is perceived. Both the city and internet traffic there is much less movement, but I know my unconditional always you find a moment to read me.

But today I am a little tired. I’m in a village in the mountains and went out late last night, so now my revelry takes its toll. However, as they say, let them remove my dancing.

And never better, because I had a great fun refusing all invitations to drinks that made me flirts of the place and observing the mating rituals of the vanilla world: men adopting the attitude they are supposed to get a woman grant them her “favors”and women flirting with giggles, allowing or rejecting the advances of males.

Logically, I do not usually give explanations about my status or role, but I think, in a way, and although they know nothing of the subject matter, there are things that are perceived. Or maybe not. Perhaps the flight of those who was trying an approach is simply due to my cutting attitude when beginning to annoy me.

Anyway, it was fun to do something different, because rituals apart, there were lovely people with whom to talk 馃檪


  1. I enjoyed reading about your street adventures yesterday and your interactions with the vanilla crowd at the bar last night. I assume “last night” since I recognize that I am many time zones away and cannot be sure of which day I or you might be in.

    Your observation about not usually giving an explanation about your status or role caused me to pause and think about a dilemma that I suspect other of your followers might have experienced just as I have.

    As a submissive male, I have been out at night and seen a woman with a “cutting attitude” (as you wrote) and I was naturally attracted to her in that such a trait is a normal and rightfully deserve attitude of a Dominant woman. However, while being greatly attracted to such a persona, my submissiveness did not allow me to approach such a person with the offer of a drink or in the other silly ways to which you alluded.

    In the past, I wrote my inaction off to being unsure as to whether the woman in my view was a genuine Dominant personality or a vanilla woman with a chip on her shoulder. In either case, being submissive, I could not bring myself to either risk offending the Domme or finding myself with a vanilla poser of inferior quality.

    So, therein lies the dilemma. As a submissive, how do I pick up the signals that a genuine Domme – out for an evening who might be amiable to my opening a conversation – would be okay with me approaching her?

    Do you project certain signs or indications that are likely common to genuinely Dominant women?

    Do we submissive men inadvertently not give you honor by holding back and not approaching you with an offer for talk or a drink?

    Seeing that you are above us and not yet knowing you, does a Domme want us to always hold our place as a stranger or is there a preferred method of approaching?

    Any of the readers of this post, as submissive males, do you have experience with this dilemma?

    Submissively inquiring minds would like to know.




    • Every Dominant woman is different from the others, like a submissive is different from the others.

      Behavioral patterns to a Domme? I don’t think they have that differ from those that ought to have with any woman.

      If someone comes up to me respectfully, without all that nonsense that vanilla men typically deploy for his flirtations, of course I will talk with him and if I do not want to drink anything, I’ll say. I am dominant but also assertive;)


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