Do not feed the troll

Some people live trying to alter others. I guess it’s their way of having fun, or maybe that’s the only way that find meaning in their life (in a strange way).

I am a fighter, but my struggle is focused on self-improvement and in those things (and people) that interest me. I have several lives in my hands and I take responsibility for them, but by no means stopped torturing them: D

I do not fight with trolls, just trying to get an emotional response through provocations and I don’t waste energy on demonstrations of temper.

Understandably crocodiles lurk the animals that come to the river to quench their thirst, as in life there are all kinds of critters. And there are animals that fall easily into the jaws of predators. And though I identify with certain class of predators, now I’m not talking about me, lol.

There are so many interesting and important things around us Like today, for example, with a wonderful sun, an interesting book and a sweet little person massaging my feet 馃槈


  1. The worst thing you can do with Trolls is respond to them as they only comeback with more.

  2. Some people can only feel better about themselves by pulling down another. We who awake in a blessed state of mental submission with a desire to read your latest words want only to be supportive and to encourage your Dominance in the most respectful and loving ways.

    Please be filled with internal sunshine and project yourself as you will over the things you find to have value. Add to your life’s value this day. Thank you for you.




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