Myths and Facts

I amazed some comments I read there. Anyone would think that my life is wonderful, a kind of carefree fairytale. That would be great. But utopian.

Getting to where I am has not been a bed of roses without thorns. Like everyone else, I made mistakes, but learned from them. And, of course, I am not free to commit other. I kissed a lot of frogs and toads before finding my princesses and princes. And who knows how many more will cross my path?

Declare openly Financial Mistress is the rejection of many and even more when I do not hide my face.

Contrary to the idea that people often take from me, I do not eat chocolates, drink champagne and let some worship me. Especially since sweets get fat and only drink alcohol occasionally, not to mention how boring would be so sedentary and monotonous existence.

But this post is not going to reveal my “secrets” or anything similar. Not even a clarifying note because I believe that I have not to explain. I share what I want to share.

Yes, my life is wonderful in that you are right, but it‘s because I want it to be and because I do it so.

Suggestion? Do not stand looking at how happy they are others, come out to seek your own happiness and strive to get it 馃槈

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