Differences and likenesses

Generalizations are not good, but sometimes it is necessary to resort to lump a group of people of a certain trend, role or features to streamline a conversation, or we lose in remarks and endless details ruining any attempt at communication.

But even having generalized similarities, differences exist and are remarkable.

A Dominant can be in many forms and, even if it is the same as another in personality, practices, preferences and impulses may be completely different from that one.

There are sadistic Mistresses, not sadistic, cold and undaunted, close, loving, cruel and fair, cruel and unjust, responsible, irresponsible, sexually intense, asexual, controllers, carefree, Dominas part-time, Dommes who love their lifestyle, cyber Mistresses and Dominatrix, real I could go on all day, but I think it captures the diversity that exists within the same role. And by the way, I forget to which one of my friends described as “Little mistresses want and can notis worth as a humorous, but also exist.

I stress, as is my custom, that is you who have to use your time to get to know each, that surrender to the first one who speaks does not usually give the best results 馃槈

And what about the subs? Exactly the same. There may be coincidence, but none is equal to the other.

And, if  each of the members of a D/s relationship is unique in himself, imagine the immensity of combinations that can exist in the reality of each relationship. In short, no two equal relationships, just as no two people are alike.

But we tend to make generalizations, because if we specify each of the terms of a sentence, it would be very difficult (and endless) conversation. It’s good to adjust everything right term for what we want to convey, though sometimes we have to pluralize to not eternalize with explanations and communication goes more smoothly.

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  1. I don’t think a truer observation could have been made. I suspect that a submissive male that is trying to pigeonhole all Dommes as being a particular way is dealing with his own mental imagery compared to accepting that a genuine Domme is a real person with all of the differences that come from each unique person.

    Recognizing and accepting (most importantly “accepting”) that a genuine Dominant woman by the very nature of who she is must be unique. Otherwise, she is something more like a cookie cutter poser and not an independent, singular force that shapes her world as she would have it to be.




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