It is common to read real atrocities. Has much to do with the state of excitation of who barks, clearly, plus considerable ignorance of reality.

There are also people insane and self-destructive, it is true, but most are just words. I could give examples like the one pleading me to disfigured his face kicked in exchange for a large sum of money, or other that wanted to give me everything and he would survive looking for food in dumpsters.

I am Cruel and sadistic, but I have no mental disorders. Financial Domination does not mean doing anything for money, you are very wrong.

But neither am I a novice you can tempt with fantasies. That “I put at your disposal my beach villa and my boat“, without fulfilling even the first of my demands, can work with who swallow it so you gain time to continue fantasizing, but CruelDama knows very clearly how wants things to be.

The one that truly want to serve me, comes to me with humility, seduces me with facts and realities, does not try to dazzle me with madness, delusions or fictions.

Fantasizing is great, but I have rooted a custom that I will not change: only waste my time with who I decide to do 馃槈

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