Submission to convenience

Being submissive is not to be willing to please the Mistress in all those things you feel like she make you, but to be useful in all that the Mistress desired, required or needed. This includes services and sexual whims (or will be denied), but is not limited to this topic.

The Mistress plays with your voracity (I’m very much in favor of tease and denial) and adapts to hers, satisfying her instincts through manipulation of yours.

Whether your libido is satisfied or not, I do not want only a sexual submission of mine. I respect those who so choose it, but if you’re mine, you’re mine in a session, having coffee on a terrace or in line at the supermarket.

Another thing is that I infatuated with someone and use him for a while without major implications. But my sense of ownership and possession are not limited to the sexual level. And I say that not limited because neither excluded.

There are very illuminating phrases such as I am ready to please you in facesitting, spanking, etc..” Are you willing to please me in what you feel like? Are you willing to be pleased at what attracts you?

How little I like practical listings and how much I like improvisation enjoy checking how far you are able to arrive 馃槈


  1. i agree. It’s about your willingness to submit to whatever your Mistress wishes when She does not about you wanting Her to offer you the very submissive act.

  2. Submission to merely the sexual fantasies that are inside of a male’s brain is not submission at all. It is the fulfillment of his own desires.

    Submission is when a male can only feel that he is loved when he is owned at such a deep level that he translates being used or abused as an act of love towards him. Whether he is being used to do household chores or is abused as referenced in CruelDama’s post for sexual denial or other uses, the true submissive doesn’t place his own desired sense of how he should be Dominated above the way the Domme wishes to project it.

    In other words, a true submissive is seeking her and her ways as his basis for which to live and love. Anything short of her and her ways is a convenience for him and by definition, that is not submission.

    Respectfully to you and your ways,



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