Have I talked about tree? No, I do not think I have, so you will know tree today, one of those tres, with leaves Well, with leaves in summer, in winter it is bare.

Tree is a bit smoothie. If it’s windy, waves its arms and puts it all dirty, but I consent that because it also protects me from prying eyes.

I refer to this time of year, of course, I imagine that in winter the residents of the building opposite have great times when I’m back from the shower or when my bitch ​​gives me a massage, not to mention the crosses of St. Andrew and lots of ornaments” on the wall: whips, paddles, palmettes, floggers, all kinds of restrictions, masks and all that stuff I love so much.

Do not get me wrong, I do not purposely, but in my head there are always many things and do not always remember to draw the curtains.

I do not know what they think about me, though not worry me too much, because the nearest building is at an angle that I think do not allow a clear view. Also, now tree is responsible for to protect my privacy, that is very hot in Madrid in summer and the laptop contributes to increase it, so I have no choice but type as nice and cool as possible 😉

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  1. love Dama.
    tesing is pure! Now who would not want to stand behind you and massaging your shoulders. I wish you a pleasant and relaxing Sunday.
    kisses, your Minki


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