Family relations

I consider my family” to all those with whom I interact in everyday life, because I have parentage with people in several European countries that do not even know and others that I’ve seen once or twice in my life.

(You are right, I’ll not talk about my biological family) :D

However, I’m not very much agree with “my family was imposed and I choose my friends” because a mother is a mother although there are conflicts and, even though we have not chosen, is an important figure for all, including if there is no direct relation or in cases in which there has not been a palpable affective relationship. And that’s just one example, who says mother says children, siblings, etc..

Never have separated any of my slaves to their families, on the contrary, as I believe it is essential to keep in touch even the lives follow different paths. I am in favor of encouraging mine to make regular visits to their relatives and the truth is that they have always come back happy they did.

Living FemDom not mean being apart from the world, but to integrate our lifestyle on a day to day, with family, friends, work and leisure. We are not hermits nor a sect, only people who live our life to the fullest 馃槈

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  1. I did not get to read your post yesterday as I was very busy with work on the road and away from my computer which was at home.

    However, I am glad to see that you are feeling better today since you do not mention the unpleasantness of yesterday.

    I have only had the honor and joy to be truly submissive to a Domme one time in my life and one of the most enjoyable things about living with her was her insistence that we integrate our D/s coupling into the rest of the world. Since she also insisted that we not display our lifestyle inappropriately to the vanilla world, I had the joy of feeling the secrecy of being who I was in front of a society that was clueless to my joyful status.

    Whether it was the integration of simply going to a home owners’ association meeting or visiting with relatives who did not know, it was always amusing to be a part of the world and yet to see it from afar through a different perspective. It enlivened and added to our relationship.




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