Refusing to feel

Yesterday I was speaking with a gorgeous British Mistress with which I sympathize. However our opinions do not always agree and sometimes we engaged in discussions and laughter for hours.

She defended that we should not show affection by a slave and I argued that we must show what we want, without limiting ourselves in what we feel, otherwise we would live in a pose, not as we really are.

I understand her position, in fact I have had and I have slaves with whom there is no emotional relationship, but also I have slaves with which does exist, and with them the relationship is usually long lasting and with sublime nuances I do not wish to give up.

Will I deny myself the pleasure of feeling in any way to stick to paralyzing parameters because it is what is expected of me? Is not me who dominates, who decides and who shows and live the way I please?

I think the kind of relationships that each set is very personal, but set limits to give a face to the public image seems very inconsistent because we miss wonderful experiences and endless possibilities in our personal development.

I support impersonal D/s relationships, but also affective D/s relationships. However, in these latter I decide how I show my affection, that vanilla hugs and cuddles are not with me 馃槈

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  1. I concur with you that each Domme has the innate right to decide how she will live; how “her way” will be expressed in the life that she lives and to the degree to which she shares with a submissive male she declares to be “hers”.

    I could not love a Domme that did not communicate back to me some feeling – and I do not assume a vanilla expression of hugs and such things unless that is how the Domme would choose to communicate to me.

    A Domme may express her deepest feelings with a sincere “good boy” and a brush of the palm of her hand across his shoulder as she lays her strap across his butt cheek especially hard or she may sincerely smile, look him in the eye and tell him how pathetic he is as he signs his paycheck over to her. Each expression may be the method by which she shows her feelings, but to provide no feedback would be to waste a valuable manipulative tool that helps to move the submissive into a deeper commitment to the Domme.

    Likewise, if the Domme sincerely does not like or enjoy the company of a particular submissive, this feeling needs to be communicated in order to either effect chance in the male or to let him move on to a different Domme that can either use him better or one who doesn’t care how she feels about a submissive male either way.

    I think the Domme that shows her feelings ultimately achieves the following and deeper dedication of a better quality submissive male. Better quality in the sense of perhaps being of more worldly value, perhaps of having more intellectual stimulus or perhaps of having more artistic entertainment value.




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