How to qualify someone that fills the mouth with claims by showing a surprising conviction and then behave in a radically different way?

What would you think about someone who says, claims, swears and promises to, at the first opportunity, show how little he cares what was said, allegedly, sworn and promised?

Exactly, you’re thinking what I think :D

Maybe I am cold and indifferent with certain things, but I’m old enough to compromise with nonsense and certainly not for me to pursue anyone, not my habit.

Life offers us many options, though it’s not easy to find the perfect slave, I use to downplay a rupture with a funny phrase: why should I pursue a servant if kicking a stone they come out ten more from under?

A good slave does not always find a good Owner, but a good Dominant will always have good slaves because if not exist, creates them, trains them and, whether she is satisfied with the result, she takes them.

It may sound arrogant, but it’s exactly what I think, so there are my statements (and I do demonstrate my statements with facts, not just pretty words) 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    The most important part of your post today was your statement that a good slave exists only after he has been trained and conditioned to be that good slave by the Domme that selects him.

    True, a submissive male – if he is legitimate – comes to a Domme with the innate potential; an inherent desire for submission and a mental preparedness to find peace of mind and the feelings of love at being lovingly owned and used. However, it is the conditioning by his Domme that transform his potential for submission into the enslavement by which he expresses love and finds love in his willing capture.

    Words from the slave do not make the difference; acceptance to abandoning his fight or flight response to the painful gifts granted to him is what makes the difference. He is trained into that.

    Your post yesterday was right when you said that the reason this submissive keeps coming back to read more about you is that your sharing with us your day to day, routine sights, thoughts and acts communicate to us the real you; not some fantasy inspired, sexual caricature.

    I think submissive males that try to squeeze a Domme into a sexual fantasy-like image are doing an injustice to the concept that only a Domme can decide for herself how she will appear to the world. That is solely her right and to try and pigeonhole her otherwise is trying to make her less of a Domme.

    Please continue sharing with us and I will try to continue replying so that you are certain someone is reading and perhaps I can inspire others to write back to you as well.




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