Don’t fool yourself

Life is like a stream running down the mountain, helped by gravity is searching nooks and more or less steep slopes to ease its way. But although the direction that leads is approximately the same, it will find obstacles such as trees, hills, rocks or anything else that will deviate from its course, and choose a new path.

Keep calm, it’s only an analogy, I don’t like poetry 馃槈

We are the result of our own choices at all times. No excuses. If we become shallow, selfish, kind, paltry, apathetic or what we are (here fits any adjective) is because this is the path we choose to follow at some point. Forget the self-justifications, because you can console youself blaming others or everything bad that happened to you, but no one but yourself is responsible for the person who you has decided to be, the person you are.

Any unhappy childhood is a mitigating factor to commit all sorts of crimes in adulthood? A troubled teen justify a future of self-pity or psychotropic substances dependence, alcohol or drugs? The answer to these questions is always NO.

If you are self-destructive is because that is what you want to be, trying to draw the attention of others with more or less shocking drama. But these dramas are your responsibility, nobody else’s.

If you’ve made 鈥嬧媌ad decisions at some point, not too late to take other that cushion and even remove those that have been deplorable for your life.

And of course, do not try to exculpate yourself saying you started in FemDom and BDSM looking for some kind of therapy to overcome anything, because to be submissive, slave or master, you first have to have your head well furnished. We don’t come here to overcome complexes or overturn frustrations, we arrive here to be happy developing our instincts, living what we want to live and involving ourselves as far as we want to do it.

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