Several things…

I love you find me by the networks, add me and leave me messages, but you must understand that I find it completely impossible to answer to all, much less get to talk with everyone because such is the volume of applications that do not reach the hours per day just for that. And honestly, the internet is great for distracted for a while, but life is much more than a screen.

As I always say, who really want to contact me for more than just trivial conversations, knows how to do it 馃槈

In any case, I thank you follow me and you support me because logically, if not, I would not bother me continue my daily work here. Writing for yourself is fine, but a blog is to share with all those who visit.

I remind you that there are few days to finalize the contest “the most sissy one“, who will be the lucky girl? You still have time to participate and show everyone that you are wonderful creatures with a lot to contribute.

And soon there will be more news, but everything in its time 馃檪

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