Masochist or submissive?

I ever said that I do not like masochists, or I implied, but that’s not entirely true, since a occasionally extreme sesión burns a great deal of adrenalin, but do not usually take them as properties.

I’m sadistic, but I prefer the not masochistic submissives, these wonderful beings who give me their pain (and pleasure) and strive to put up with my progress and suffering for me.

The masochist does not suffer for my pleasure, he does it ’cause it’s what he want me to provide him. And I like to play from time to time with someone who has level. I enjoy with someone whose pain threshold is particularly high but even I can have a tremendous orgasm when I reach that threshold, sweaty and smiling when that one who demanded more pain with provocations comes to bow and beg for mercy, are special moments that I reserve for certain occasions.

The masochistic personality tends to find what it needs (pain) regardless of what I want. Looks for me to satisfy its need of that pain, not to please me.

So I prefer the not masochist submissive on a daily and continuous, one that, although not having a high level, gives me his pain because it’s what I want when I decide to play with his ​​body. Or with his mind, I’m also emotional sadistic.

The not masochist submissive learns to enjoy the pain as an offering to his Mistress, to associate pain and pleasure if we teach him. The pain threshold can be trained and educated and, with the right motivation, it is amazing how far a no masochist can go.

I like to enjoy everything that life offers me: masochists, not masochists, steak, lobster Why should I deprive myself of what I want at all times? 😉

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