My trajectory

In my FemDom and BDSM path I have seen practically everything. And when I say “everything” I’m not exaggerating (although I have not lost the ability to be amazed).

Anyway, I’m not talking now of wildlife swarming around our world, which is not only wide but also varied.

And that variety is what ultimately enriches. The diversity of opinions, trends, ways of being, of thinking, of doing

Looking back, I realize how many years have passed since I first started out, the illusion of discovering what really fulfills me. And also the problems and obstacles that I have been saving along the way.

I have neither lost the illusion nor stop to keep learning every day, it happens that over time we increasingly defined more clearly and maturity provides security that perhaps in the early stages was camouflaged with arrogance.

In us is moving towards sane and feasible goals. in which we can live with the naturalness to be applied to any facet of life.

Everyone finds their place sooner or later and there comes a time when we get to balance this duality to live openly. For example: I am sadistic and cruel, but also a common sense Mistress, I am whimsical but also responsible, I am Well, I am many things, but never denied it: D

My final conclusion about my trajectory? For me it has been satisfactory, but the best part is that, despite having enjoyed so much until this very minute, I still have many wonderful experiences to live, interesting people who meet and fascinating places to explore.

Your attitude is also positive?

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  1. A positive attitude is the only way forward for a fulfilling life and knowing oneself and understanding one’s motivations is paramount. Some people like to be in control and enjoy the power they hold over others while others prefer to surrender their will and once either party knows and understands that about themselves then being positive about one direction or path in life and one’s attitude towards that path becomes easy. The difficult part for many is finding the partner who has the opposite sentiments with regard to D/s and is equally positive about their own path.


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