A winner sissy

The contest “The most sissy one” was a showcase of treasures, but it’s time to choose just one. And it has not been easy, honestly, I struggled to make a decision.

At first I noticed the aesthetic, there are images very elaborate, with poses, and contexts very attractive. But thus I found it almost impossible to stay only one, I’d take them all!

So I went to look for on the attitudes And it was not easy to rule out any of these amazing sluts, eager to please and each more vicious than the last.

But the day has come where only one will come to know me (or get my Messenger, what suits her best), and I had to find a way to select her.

I began to observe them from a different perspective. I wondered Which of them I‘d rather torture? To which one would I want to look at my feet begging, looking at me with respect and sharing of girl stuff”, experimenting with her fears and testing how far would be able to take her?

For that I would need one whom shyness” stimulate me to corrupt her mercilessly. And then I could not help focus my eyes into one. I chose the sissy perhaps less stands out among so many willing sluts, but she is the one that awakens my instincts, which visualize squeezing my corsets, serving me coffee or suffering my humiliation with difficulty without whining.

And that one is susi, number 10. Congratulations, babe, you’ve won the “The most sissy one” Contest, send me an email so we can chat.

To all others I thank your images, you are fantastic, girls! But I am a sentimental, I can not help it, lol.


  1. Congrats susi and Yes Mistress, it was a hard choice

  2. Congratulation Susi and good luck!

  3. The honor was to be chosen as a participant. oxox


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