Tinker Bell

I am not a woman who needs a man, I am the woman a man needs.

The phrase is good, right? By the way, not mine, I read on the internet, in one of those pictures with cute characters adorning profiles and groups.

But (I have always “buts“), even if the woman that many men may need, I have no Wendy complex. I speak about the Tinkerbell of Peter Pan. And she is a great example, because control is one of my fetishes, but Wendy tries to control the life of her partner neglecting her own and adopting a maternal role. My control is very different 馃槈

And there are many Tinkerbells, they will exist while there are so many Peter Pans.

I will tell you some of the features of Wendy and I’m sure you’ll recognize many women that you know.

Tinker Bell insists make your life more enjoyable, do those tasks that you always “forget”, will run errands, reminds you of your appointments and those dates like birthdays and anniversaries, believes that in order to follow at your side has to sacrifice and resign, avoids bothering with comments that make you angry, apologize even without fault at all, respect your space and your outings without question

Sure, Wendy also has feelings and sometimes angry, but just to excuse your behavior (because although some of the features I’ve described could be applied to a submissive, she is not), because she doesn’t want to cause a rupture that would be extremely traumatic and not risk the comfortable life that has gotten and will not give up under any circumstances.

Wendy is endearing, but she is wrong. Yet it is the life she has chosen and I respect her, even though we both know that she is not happy.

I think I’m the antithesis of Tinker Bell. But neither I identify with Peter Pan, as he lacks something which to me is fundamental: the responsibility.

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