A couple of days ago saying that I’m a sentimental. And it’s true, I am.

From time to time I clean in those email addresses that I don’t use, but we all have as sub accounts, and delete what is becoming obsolete or parked for review later.

And among the old emails I found a very special one. The sender flirted with the idea of surrendering to me, but was paralyzed by his fears and fought with himself. I will quote only one paragraph:

“How can I appeal to the temperance of a woman who has spent years making twisted passions her way of life?”

I can not remember what was my answer, but the result of his internal battles made 鈥嬧媘e winner of a treasure he shared with me for a while: he.

I saved back that email, because the same way that a photograph evokes special moments, also some of my old emails cause that effect.

He was a good slave with whom I shared many things and gave me unforgettable experiences. In one of those twists and turns of life went our separate ways, but one thing will not change: he will always remember me as his first Mistress, the Cruel woman and sometimes ruthless he will never forget 馃槈

But the past is past. I still occasionally receive any mail or phone call from those who were mine. And I like them to do so, because although the direct relationship is over, where there was fire, embers remain” 馃榾

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