I intend to make today’s post a little more frivolous, as many do not share my taste for Mental Domination and here there is room for everything. Or for just about everything 馃槈

Yesterday I went for a walk around town and visit my friends the dogs in the park. I wanted to enjoy my loneliness and pass the day with that pleasant languor which provides not think of schedules and responsibilities, abandoning myself a route with no set destination.

A Little carefree adventure, without much significance to buy me some whim, watching people, joking with a waiter and go home so tired of walking I had.

I could enjoy my city, which is back on rate daily routine after the holiday, of street performances (there are real good artists), with the anonymity it provides a big city like Madrid.

I also had time to think and I‘ve noticed several things: I’m smoking too much (although this is not discovered just yesterday), I’m too perfectionist and sometimes pissed if they do not follow my rhythm, and the woman who sat on the next table when I stopped to take a drink wearing beautiful sandals, but the hair on his toes were downright repulsive.

The dogs superb as always. There is a sympathetic mixed-pointer braco, a lazy Samoyed, an unestoppable English setter, many others indeterminate breed but beautiful and, my favorite, an spectacular mastiff.

I love dogs, but nobody offer me one because I refuse to have a canine in a flat!

Because these avatars of cyber life, I change my email address. My current account will continue operating about three weeks, but if you wish to contact me, change @madrid.com for @europe.com. That is, the final will be crueldama@europe.com

And see if programmers take a bit rest, that they bring us crazy with so many updates 馃槈

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