Do not believe in the avoidant personality, I dislike inert and apathetic beings. I believe in working inside the slave by more or less subtle manipulations for enjoyment and, finally, the happiness of both.

If I am attracted to someone’s personality and I took that someone into consideration as a possible candidate for my stable, why would I want to nullify him? Why would I want clones of robotic servants?

One thing is to use the emotional control to channel conducts (moderate aggressiveness, learning behaviors, self knowledge assisted, etc..) and another is to obliterate the personality of the slave.

I do not like rebellions and provocations aware, fully consider them expendable in a consolidated relationship, but I’m not attracted by cyber serial slaves programmed to see how good they are in their role, because I live in reality and real life does not have much to do with what my neighbor on the fourth floor, for example, is imagined to be a slave.

I like working with real people, with their imperfections and their personalities, with whom they have a good day and a bad day. I thrill more with a face of thanks when it’s me who has to go to the pharmacy at four in the morning to look for a medicine for my servant than a hieratic pose of one that mistakes surrender with stupidity and thinks he has to endure anything for failing to bother me.

A Mistress/slave relationship has two personalities and, although one of them is subject to the other, no need to be annuled.

I can express my cruelty in many different ways, using a slave as furniture, trample on like a worthless worm, treat him as an insignificant puppet or ignore him if whatever I feel like, but will be specific moments and even obstacles/tests purposely I put in his way, because what I do not want at my feet is a nullified being that has nothing to give me.

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