Nothing is forever

Everything has an expiration date. Everything.

Even the staunchest surrender which now we might feel indestructible, even the more ironclad domain, is finished one day.

So you have to learn to enjoy the present. I refuse to live thinking about what might happen in the future to the point of getting lost what is happening now.

Furthermore, there are many things that can be predicted because they give clues to their outcome and do not get caught us by surprise if we observe their evolution.

As Mistress‘m picky, though sometimes allow some leisure, relaxing control as I check the fidelity, attention and perseverance than mine spend to me with no pressure. And it is very instructive, because although when the cat‘s away, the mice will play“, it appears who really feels mine and behaves as such and who forgets their votes to the first opportunity.

These days I feel disappointed with someone who was fooling himself. However, my disappointment is not as great as it would have been if I allowed him to manipulate me with pretty words.

So I ratify: everything has an expiration date. But that does not mean we stop having dreams and fantasies, but it is important to live intensely what we have. While we have it 馃槈

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