You can not live a positive life with a negative mind.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, we have problems. And to each their own problems are infinitely more important than the others, because they affect us directly. If we magnify allowing to be installed in the mind, they end up blocking us so that they become more or less pronounced obsessions.

There is also the other side of the coin: ignore them as nonexistent. The latter is tremendously irresponsible as burying your head like an ostrich rarely works and end up exploiting in one way or another.

We need to find a balance so that we can be solving every problem without overly affecting the rest of our life, that is, give every thing‘s importance. It is very healthy go emotionally away from something that can overwhelm us to view it from different perspectives.

If you failed your Mistress, what you should not do is stay ruminating how wonderful it could have been if you had not, because if you let your cowardice continue to lead your life, ever come out of that depression  you mask with the fictional humorous that lasts the same as the effect of the spirits you drink or until the company you keep is going to on with their life.

They are examples only, that no one will take the hint. Or yes 馃檪

No one gets everything always well neither can be approved by everybody, would be crazy to even try. Furthermore, why?.

Your Mistress ignores you? Think how wonderful it is everything when she doesn’t and earn that privilege :D

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