Jealousy is part of the natural human emotions. In small doses can be translated as tokens of affection, but they become a problem when they are permanent, they tend to wear down an affectionate relationship, destroying it if they become pathological.

Many submissives prefer an exclusive relationship with their Mistress, and is completely valid if she agrees and also want that kind of relationship. Not me, I enjoy the stable system, having several slaves of my own.

In my relationships with mine not admit the consequences that stem from jealousy (accusations, claims, demands,) and, although not easy, I try to educate those episodes that may arise in the beginning before they become delusional situations.

It required a lot of communication and, above all, honesty from the start, making the submissive internalize the fact that I have other does not mean I will abandon him.

In my personal experience I have found that female submissives are more jealous than male submissives. To them have a harder time accepting some situations, but when they are integrated on the stable are the first to maintain poliharmony supporting their brothers and sisters in submission.

I don’t cease to be the attachment figure, since I’m the priority for everyone, but stops perceiving the others as a threat to his relationship with me.

I’m not saying it’s easy, in fact I don’t facilitated the contact with others to a new member until I consider he is ready to accept it.

Each and every one are special for me and everything goes on wheels when they understand this 馃檪

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