The pleasure of the forbidden

In varying degrees, we all feel a certain attraction for breaking the rules.

It is a gratifying conscious fear”, because we are responsible for that attraction and we control it.

Have you never played mentally with the idea of sneaking into the underground, hiding an ashtray in the bag, “forget” to pay for drinking in a bar, avoid a cumbersome obligation to do what we should not or maintain a hot relationship with a Dominant Woman in secret? : D

Some dare to do any of these tricks and others dismiss them as pass through their minds. This desire for the forbidden is regulated by genetic and environmental factors, but we all know that feeling, right?

The risk of being discovered can be very pleasurable.

But there are very dangerous things. Weigh whether it is worth taking that risk in a conscious lack to your Mistress. A few that I know are still regretting that attraction for the forbidden 馃槈

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