Domination and manipulation

There is a difference between manipulation and Domination. On this we all agree.

In the BDSM community are enormous prejudice against the word manipulation and, as I can not stop creating controversy being honest, I always declare myself not only Dominant but I also admit I am a great manipulator.

I am Dominant, is my nature: I’m controlling, assertive, authoritarian It’s my character. But I’m not prepotent, but can be arrogant with whom belong to me.

I am also manipulative, do not always explain the why of what I do and enfold my prey slowly to take him to where I want. Sometimes I keep aces up my sleeve to achieve my goals and “pulling the strings“. And I admit it! Moreover, my pooches are happy I am, and that makes them dance to my wishes without they realice.

But even though the word “manipulation” often has negative connotations, does not always have to be that way.

Moreover, not only a Dominant is manipulative, there are really machiavellian submissives that if you can not attack the root of their wheeling and dealing, they end up dominate from the bottom to which allows them.

It is normal the submissive try challenge his Mistress from time to time and, if we allow this kind of progress, who comes to dominate in the relationship? And even say more: if the submissive is able to manipulate his Mistress, ends up bored sooner or later, because that kind of relationship is not what he really wants, but on the contrary, he needs to be dominated by a personality that makes him feel what is his place.

I can admit that there are manipulators for destructive purposes, but I think that the submissive is primarily responsible to know which person he surrenders. 

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